Leading the Leaders: Leading Today's School to the Future


Today’s school and ecudators, particularly in prirmary and secondary school are facing great challenges. They need to prepare students, moreover - workforce, of the future, knowing almost nothing about demands of future workforce. It is forecasted that after 20 years, 80% of today’s jobs will vanish to exist or will be fundamentaly modified. Ten year old schoolchild can anticipate to change his career path 8 times during his worklife. These are the challenges that schools have to prepare kids for. In a light of such uncertainty, certain competencies become essential – such as leadership. Leadership becomes overarching term, that can help today’s school to deal with many challenges and meet particular demands. Leadership paradigm, well understood, can be that trigger accelerating move towards unpredictable future, while also being an anker, embeded in today’s world. Learning about leadership, how to lead other and oneself in constantly changing environment, is essential tool in the paradigm shift in education today.


- General information about leadership – theoretical framework;
- All colours of rainbow – leadership and varienty of paradigms in education;
- Everyone is a leader: renegotiation of roles in schools;
- Case study (from 2014 research): Leadership in educational sector in Lithuania.
- Effects of culture
- Preffered leadership prototypes in culture
- System within system: school as a leader;
- Back to the future: projecting school of the future;
- Building sustainable leaders: multidimensionality of leadership process in today’s schools for tomorrow

Location  Duration  Costs 



40 academic hours

(5 days)

Course fee – 350 EUR per 1 person.
It includes:
• 5-days lectures
• Package of the course material
• Certificate of Attendance
• Assistance to issuing Europass Mobility Certificate (if necessary)
• Administration of the course
• Farewell dinner
Excursion to Curonian Spit – 120 EUR per 1 person.
It includes:
• 6-hours guided trip and transportation by ferry to Curonian Spit
• Lunch in Nida
Accommodation in hotel with breakfast – 360 EUR per person for 6 nights.
Financing. The course can be fully funded by EU Erasmus+ programme Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals.


Case analysis, group work, personnal reflections on provided information (in written), discussions, analysis of newest research.


Optional. Participants will be provided with opportunity to adress specific issues of their organizations, in relation to the material tought in this course.


Teachers and staff of schools, career counsellors. 


Inga Minelgaitė-Snaebjornsson.

Inga has more than 13 years of experience of working in various management positions in business. She has more than 6 years experience in creating and managing/developing NGOS. She is in the last year of her PhD studies in University of Iceland. Her PhD research is focused on effective leadership and impact of culture on leadership.

Date: 2016-09-05 - 2016-09-09

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