ERCC staff deepened its knowledge about innovative tourism

During the training course focused on innovations in tourism Vilma and Henrikas from ERCC learnt about developing of creative ideas and the current trends in the area of tourism.
Topics of the course were the following:
• Innovations and innovative thinking;
• Innovation development techniques;
• Equal opportunities in tourism - best practices;
• Tourist friendly product;
• Blue Ocean Strategy;
• CSR in Tourism;
• Recapitulation;
• Product service creation;
• Marketing in Tourism;
• Financing tourism from EU sources;
• Creating a project proposal in Tourism;
• Green tourism (rural, eco and etc. tourism).
The theoretical material of the course was complemented by practical analysis of original case studies both presented by course participants and lecturers. Participants had tour and lecture in Gastronomy Museum, guided tour in the New Town Brewery, observation of innovative tourism example - "Pragulic". "Pragulic" is the social enterprise, which challenge the stereotypes associated with homelessness by enabling people to experience the world from the homeless perspective.

During the training course Vilma and Henrikas improved their computer skills, i.e. the use of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) for marketing of tourism services and products, social skills (multicultural communication, public speech and presentation of materials) as well as deepened their knowledge about historical and cultural heritage of Prague, experienced teamwork in multicultural environment.

Vilma and Henrikas will use gained knowledge in the daily work of our organisation. They came back with innovative ideas for projects in tourism field, new ways of conducting guided tours and original methods of teaching adults. Their learning outcomes were described in Europass Mobility Certificate.