About us

Non-governmental organisation Education, Research & Consultancy Center  (ERCC) was founded in 2006 on initiative of 2 persons having extensive experience in adult education and project management. Since organisation is established by 2 professionals with different educational background, accordingly ERCC activities are divided into the following directions:

  • History and culture of Lithuania (focus is on ethnographic region of Lithuania Minor), tourism (putting stress on culture tourism and innovative tourism), civil society issues, Lithuania in EU. 
  • Psychology, career counselling, work with socially and geographically disadvantaged people, mental health.

Types of activities

Implementation of national and international projects, consultancy about funding tools from EU and national resources, organisation of internships, providing training and courses on various topics and target groups, conducting research, providing guided tours in Western Lithuania, creation touristic routes, consultancy in preparation project application.

As intermediatery organisation ERCC totally hosted 100 students and teachers from VET schools from Southern Europe - Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. We implemented 9 international projects both as partner and coordinator. 

Collaboration and inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral approach

 The nature of ERCC activities requires to involve and cooperate with experts in different fields. Psychologists, pedagogues, historians, professional guides, researchers, IT specialists, communication experts, people from business, academia and NGO sector are active in our work and help us with their expertise.