IN GREEN SHAPE project meeting in United Kingdom

As usual project meeting started from each partner presentation about State of the Art of the Project. Retzhof Castle from Austria presented dissemination activities of partnership, Education, Research & Consultancy Center - Lithuania meeting evaluation report as well as evaluation of project interim report by Lithuania National Agency. 

The main questions of Lithuanian NA regarding implementation of project: What measures are taken by partnership to encourage entrepreneurship? What activities help to involve unemployed people into labor market? Does partnership provide them any seminars, workshops? How practical material helps to encourage entrepreneurship and integrate socially disadvantaged people into labot market? Also Lithuanian NA gave the recommendations:

• Actively to organize workshops, seminars for learners (socially disadvantaged people) with the aim to improve their key competences; to evaluate the progress of their learning;
• To evaluate key competences of adult teachers and learners in the beginning/middle/end of project, to analyse the changes;
• By creating final product to pay attention to its European added value, i.e. to use it not only in own organization, but also in other organizations;
• To evaluate the final product of project by teachers, learners and stakeholders;
• To give suggestions for governmental institutions, how to integrate unemployed people into labor market, to decrease unemployment rate in the context of Life Long Learning programme.

During the 2nd day of meeting Mini Conference on Setting up a New Small Business took place at Woodhouse Community Farm. All partners gave a short presentations - 1-2 case studies of someone who has set up a small business - something that is achievable for people with low levels of confidence/selfesteem. Participants of event - WELLIES project participants, who are unemployed people recovering from mental ill health. The Mini Conference was followed by group discussions and games.

During project meeting we observed best practice example, identified by English partner - "Betty's Sewing Box" at Asbourne, visited points of green itineraries in Sudbury and Peak District.

The main product of project is green itineraries with maps for tourists loving healthy life. English partner Growing Rural Enterprise is responsible for design and content of the itineraries. The designer Julie Thomas was invited to the meeting, and partners had fruitful discussion with her regarding final product of partnership.

All documents of project (meeting reports, evaluation summaries, dissemination activities reports) you can find in website

Ideas for Setting up a Small Business

Qualities of Someone Who Runs a Successful Business