Mindfulness Based Art Therapy as Effective Tool to Improve Mental Health of Seniors in the context of COVID19 pandemic

It is worth to mention that the population of Europe is ageing rapidly. The average age of Europeans is already the highest in the world, and the proportion of people aged 65 and older is forecast to increase from 14% in 2010 to 25% in 2050 (WHO data). Although people are living longer, but not everyone has a good quality of life in old age because of physical and mental health. Modern issues as pandemic causes much more stress than ever. The newest research states that one year after the declaration of the pandemic there is strong evidence that social isolation has caused older people to feel lonely, which in turn has led to increased mortality, cardiovascular disease, depression and anxiety. Research have also shown that psychological therapies are one of the most effective means of overcoming the consequences of isolation for human psychological health. And especially good quality mindfulness-based interventions demonstrated a significant improvement in mental health. Researchers have long shown that art therapy has a particularly positive effect on adult mental health. Mindfulness training in combination with art therapy (MBAT – Mindfulness Based Art Therapy) gives indisputable improvements of mental health and reduce anxiety, stress, and symptoms of depression.

The main aim of the project - of the project is to equip adult educators, working with seniors, exhaustive methodological material about use of combination of art therapy with mindfulness (MBAT) with the aim to improve 65+aged learners' mental health in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.

Target group of the project - adult educators. Beneficiaries - seniors aged 65+.

Main activities:
1. Researched the impact of MBAT on seniors' mental health and composed the map of possibilities.
2. Prepared innovative training package for adult educators and seniors consisting of training programme and tool kit for use in everyday life.
3. Created project website and prepared e-learning platform and mobile application as a tool for learning on MBAT and use its techniques in everyday life through personal computer, tablet or mobile phone.
4. Implemented international training of adult educators "MBAT4Trainers: giving the guidance for adult educators".
5. Carried out testing sessions on MBAT4Seniors educational package in all partners countries.
6. Hold local workshops for seniors about use of MBAT in everyday life.

Project results:
1. International in-depth Analysis: the use and impact of Mindfulness. Based Art Therapy to improve the mental health of the individuals. It will be the guidance for partnership to develop training package for adult educators and seniors.
2. MBAT4Seniors Manual. It will be exhaustive instructions with didactic material as well as practical tasks for adult educators with the aim to hold effective MBAT sessions for seniors, suffering from mild mental disorders such constant anxiety, depression, stress. Manual will contain material on circular economy in order to make MBAT sessions eco-friendly.
3. MBAT4Seniors Tool Kit. It will be a set of practical MBAT tools (exercises, tasks), specially designed to seniors 65+ , to cope with mental health light disorders.
4. E-learning web platform and Android mobile application. Digitised tool, which will contain all training package for seniors, so that they can use it at any time in daily life.


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What Did We Achieve So Far? - III (MBAT4Seniors)

Project Nr.2021-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000030408Duration1st January 2022 - 1st April 2024CoordinatorEducation, Research & Consultancy Center - ERCC (Lithuania)PartnersStando LTD (Cyprus); In Progress (Spain); SOSU OSTJYLLAND (Denmark); WYZSZA SZKOLA BIZNESU I NAUK O ZDROWIU (Poland); BUYUK ORTADOGU SAGLIK VE EGITIM VAKFI (Turkey)Results

1. International in-depth Analysis: the use and impact of Mindfulness.
2. MBAT4Seniors Manual
3. MBAT4Seniors Tool Kit
4. E-learning web platform and Android/iOS mobile applications.