Training course "Expert of European Fundraising" for Business to Business Foundation from Poland

The first days of training were dedicated to overview of European programmes, especially Erasmus+, and Polish – Lithuanian initiatives. Experienced lecturer cand. PhD. Inga Minelgaite Snaebjornsson from University of Iceland and ERCC director Julija Šešeika presented the following topics for trainees:
• The short history and purpose of EU funds, main targets and segment;
• The changes in EU projects over time;
• What is the project? The main features of project;
• Project funding opportunities;
• Project vs. Business. Project within business;
• Big 3 in project management;
• Project management cycle;
• Problems tree/Objectives tree;
• Composition of Logic Matrix;
• Planning of project activities;
• The importance of dissemination plan and evaluation plan;
• How to find partners?
During the course participants were asked to implement some tasks/creative exercises. Purpose of these tasks was to help participants to grasp “project-like” thinking and to remember the information provided during the course. Also participants got the tasks in order to know each other more like a project writing team.
At the end of the course ERCC showed the examples of successful projects, the chapters of successful applications were analyzed. All together participants with the help of lecturers started to create the new project.

Full programme of the course you can find here.