Third Nordplus Adult project meeting in East Iceland

The first day of the meeting was dedicated for visits of best practice examples and other places related to tourism, culture and creativity. The aim of day visits was to understand better social-economic and tourism situation in East Iceland, to discuss them and add our notices to SWOT analysis.
We have visited Creative Centre and private museum of minerals “Petra’s Stone Collection” in Stöðvarfjörður, Skriðuklaustur Cultural Centre in the valley of Fljótsdalur, one of the Visiting Centers for the Vatnajökull National Park,
Slaughterhouse Culture Center in Egilsstadir. We hiked in Reyðarfjörður and visited one place from the book Fjarðabyggðaflakk – it is a family game made by the local hiking club. You gather stamps and sign guestbooks at 12 places in Fjarðabyggð and get a price if you get all stamps – the book tells a little story about each place. All the places as just a short walk from the road so it is easy to visit them.
In the evening we observed best practice example of Icelandic partner - Mjoeyri travel service in Eskifjörður. It is a small family business, owned and operated by the married couple Saevar Gudjonson and Berglind Ingvarsdottir. They provide locals and tourists with accommodation, offer various trips, events, golf, ice-climbing, kayaking, diving and much more. Also this couple runs Restaurant Randulffs-Seahouse with Maritime Museum, shark-meat (hákarl) and dried fish (harðfiskur), where we had dinner after long day of visits.

During second day of meeting partners discussed, what they saw and noticed by visiting culture centers, visitors’ centers and best practice example during the first day of meeting. Then we also discussed Sweden meeting evaluation and presented our second best practice examples. We looked through SWOT analysis and decided to complement it constantly till the end of project with new insights as well as to add more statistical data and links to additional information.

In the evening we visited the second best practice example of Icelandic organization Austurbru – Meet the Locals. We had the dinner in the house of locals in Eskifjordur. Svanhvít and Agnar originally came to East Iceland from Heimaey island, which was very destroyed in 1973 because of volcano eruption. Many people had to leave their houses and move to other places in Iceland. Svanhvít and Agnar prepared for us traditional Icelandic dishes - plokkfiskur (fish stew) and the desert skyrkaka (Skyrcake), both of them were extremely delicious! Good food was complemented with interesting stories from Icelandic family's life. Svanhvít and Agnar have 6 children, the youngest one - son Tumi - had the dinner together with us. The head of family is fisherman, her wife is teacher in primary school. We liked this dinner very much, because we felt the spirit of Icelandic family and heard about their jobs, daily life, traditions and habits.

During the third day of meeting we gave an interview about project for Austurbrú PR manager. He uploaded audio record of this conversation in Austurbru website and Facebook. Later on we talked about financial and administrative matters of the project, tasks and deadlines till next project meeting in Estonia on 20-22 April 2016.
Partners filled in evaluation forms of meeting in Iceland and interim project evaluation.

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