Second Nordplus Adult project meeting in Sweden

The meeting was focused on SWOT analysis, which is one of the main results of project.

During the first day of meeting partners visited best practice example of Swedish partner – Asarna Skicenter. It is the centre offering the large range of services: a restaurant with daily meals and a la carte, an outlet and sport shop, a camping site with cottages, training camps for schools and professionals as well as ski museum.
Also partners were driven to Remsgarden (Rems Yard). It is folk museum made in old wooden farm from 18th century. Almost each village in the region has its own “Hembygds-gard” (folk museum), but they are not very well promoted for tourists, although they are perfectly preserved by government.
Hanging Tapestry Museum in Overhogdal – great exhibition showing the history of tapestry almost the whole year round, meantime other touristic places are open only from midsummer till the middle of August, as it is usual for tourism in remote regions with highly seasonal conditions.
After this cognitive trip in Harjadalens surroundings partnership had working session in Harjadalens Culture Center. Coordinating organisation Education, Research & Consultancy Centre made presentation what is done so far by network and project budget balance. Estonian partner Loodi Manor Nature Centre presented evaluation results of kick-off meeting in Klaipeda.
The second day of meeting was fully dedicated for work on project documents and products. In the morning partners started to present best practice examples of successful and sustainable tourism businesses in remote areas as well as SWOT analysis from tourism sector in partners regions. Also partnership prepared for Think Tank event, which took place in Sveg at the end of partners meeting. During break between presentations the owners of Harjadalen Culture Center Flavia and Andreas guided partners through Lillhardal village and folk museum.
The third day of partners meeting began from discussions about financial matters of project, travel documents and declaration of working hours. After coffee break we continued with tasks and deadlines till next meeting in Iceland. After lunch partners went to Sveg to participate in Think Tank panel. The event was focused on discussion about vision how sustainable tourism in sparsely populated areas can be developed. Apart NordTourNet partners, representative from Harjadalens Business Department Mr. Thony Gustafsson and a lot of local people participated in discussion panel. For the organization of Think Tank discussion panel Harjadalens Culture Center got additional financing from Kulturbryggan.

During meeting in Sweden partners experienced themselves the particularities of social and economical life of Harjadalens region as well as problems and opportunities for development of tourism there.
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