Participation in the course in Germany "Artistic and Creative Methods in the Field of Adult Education"

During the course we gained the following competences and knowledge:

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge about theatre methods and pedagogy in adult education;
  • Information about possible fields of application of create and drama training methods;
  • Information about German adult education system and links to German job market;
  • Professional theatrical educational skills for educational work with adults and young learners in order to foster creativity regarding the participant's educational work. Practical realization of artistic and drama training methods during the workshop. We learnt possible ways of how to create:

- Awareness of self-perception and external perception;

- Ways to expand creatively individual opportunities of reflection and expression of opinions and emotional states;

- Unconventional and creative ways to deal with a variety of different issues as gender relations, exclusion, xenophobia, communication behavior and future perspectives during educational workshops.

  • We got methodical skills:

- Target group specific drama training methods;

- Creative methods to communicate historical and political subjects in an educational framework.

Training was complemented by useful meetings with theater pedagogue Ms. Laura Klatt from "GRIPS Theater" and Mrs. Sabine Wiedemann from "Jakamos Theater". They helped us to understand deeper the concept of theater method. We also improved our managerial skills by visiting NGOs "Freiland Culture House" and LAG e.V., because we got acquiainted with principles of their work, fundraising activities and cooperation with federal and local authorities.

Not less useful was historical and political city tour in Berlin using creative methods - quiz and theater. We visited Memorial Bernauer Strasse , Check Point Charly and Alexander Platz and got pedadogical material how to teach young adults about Berlin Wall creatively. Guided Tour "On Intercultural Path" was alternative tour through palace and park of Sanssoucci with focus on multicultural facts and stories of this cultural and historical heritage of Germany.