APV meeting in Klaipėda of "Job Through The Art" project

With Youth Exchange project "Job Through The Art" we want to compose MIXED-ABILITY-GROUP, consisted of youngsters both with mental disorders and without health problems, and develop their entrepreneurship skills by using various art methods.
Advanced Planning Visit (APV) was dedicated to know better partners organisations, present project idea and budget, share responsibilities and tasks, observe venue of youth exchange activities and taste food there.
Meeting was extremely fruitful. Project coordinator got many suggestions for improvement of youth activities in Klaipeda. Partners suggested by implementing Youth Exchange programme to try to answer questions: what soft skills needed in labour market from youth with mental illness? Youngsters must know about what they have and what they can propose for labour market? Further partners underlined possible problems about youth with special needs during Youth Exchange activities in Klaipeda: for example, the attention of people with mental illness is very short – maximum 1 hour, some of them have mood swings, over-enthusiastic, bipolar and etc. Partners discussed all possible problems and gave suggestions how to solve them. Also group leaders said that it is important that each task has clear goal, all actions would be with overview, what results youngsters will make, what goal they will reach by doing certain activity.
Project coordinator presented the importance of dissemination activities as well as YouthPass certificate and reflection/evaluation activities.
ERCC gave for group leaders reminder about tasks that national groups must prepare before Youth Exchange activities in Lithuania.
Finally, partnership decided on Youth Exchange activities date. The programme will be implemented from 7 October till October 14 (6th and 15th October are travel days) by the sea, in hotel "Morena" near Klaipeda.