Wellcome Package for Migrant Workers

The overall aim of the project was to provide lifelong learning opportunities for migrant workers by improving their key competences such as: communication in foreign language, digital, professional and cultural, thereby enabling them to adopt the new socio-cultural contexts and improve their labour market value, and contribute to integration of migrant workers within European Union.

Target groups of project:

  • 300 migrant workers from Poland and Lithuania
  • employers from Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom
  • public and private organizations, involved in labour-related issues.

The project aimed to develop a flexible and coherent training system using an on-line Learning Content Management system consisting of 3 modules. On-line mentors were supported learners through these modules:

1. Linguistic and digital competence - a course on basic survival language and language related to specific professions occupied by migrant workers in each country.

2. Cultural - with the content on cultural differences in the workplace and other settings.

3. Social - dealing with importance of laws and regulations within workplace, entitlements to health services, housing and other information, which helps integration of new workers into the local community.

Also the project:

  • Produced training materials in Danish, Norwegian and English with support translation in Polish and Lithuanian;
  • Established networks between employees, employers, job offices and adult education providers;
  • Held a Final Conference in Edinburgh (Scotland) where the results of the project were disseminated;
  • Produced information brochures and promotional material;
  • Produced the mentors guidebook to support the on-line learning;
  • Delivered basic ICT skills to enable on-line learning for the target groups.

During the project ERCC conducted the survey of people willing to go for a work to Denmark, Norway and United Kingdom. The aim of survey was to know what information and support do they need before and after departure abroad. With the help of specially prepared mentors ERCC helped people wishing to go to above mentioned countries for work with advices on labour law, social security, culture, traditions and etc. 

Also ERCC was responsible for project evaluation.


ProgramLifelong Learning Programme/Grundtvig Multirateral ProjectsProject Nr.142099-LLP-2008-DK-GRUNDTVIG-GMPDuration1st October 2008 - 30th September 2010CoordinatorVidenscenter for Integration (Denmark)PartnersEducation, Research & Consultancy Center (Lithuania); OPUS Rana (Norway); Edinburg University Settlement (United Kingdom); FILO (Poland).Results

On-line training system for migrants.