Nordic-Baltic Tourism Learning - NordTourNet-2

Tourism is a huge economic activity in Europe, including Scandinavian and Baltic countries with essential impact on economic growth, employment and social welfare. Nevertheless, the tourism sector constantly faces various challenges. While tourism is flourishing in bigger cities, the small entrepreneurs or persons willing to set up tourism business in remote areas face serious problems and obstacles.
The overall project's aim is to strengthen link between adult education and working life by providing
tourism business oriented training sessions and preparing new course descriptions with innovative
teaching methods both for business and adult teachers.
Project aims on participant level:
1. to give additional knowledge and improve working skills of entrepreneurs operating in tourism sector.
2. to foster entrepreneurship of those, who have ideas to establish their own business or to be self-employed in tourism sector.
The aims on organisation level:
1. to renew the package of teaching methods with participative and innovative approach;
2. to develop different forms of teaching and experience them in new environment (particularly in international and multicultural circumstances, in tourism company as best practice example);
3. to improve andragogy skills of staff, teachers and volunteers of participating organisations;
4. to complement learning material of organisations with new themes and approaches;
5. to complement the list of training courses of participating organisations with new programmes;
6. to improve the skills of creation of the course, training programmes, curricula for adults;
7. to refresh the knowledge about situation of adult education, tourism, entrepreneurship in country and region.
The aims on sector/regional level:
1. To contribute to decreasing of influence of seasonal tourism conditions on tourism business.
2. to make impact on economic growth, employment and social welfare in the partner regions thanks to
qualified and skilled entrepreneurs and well organised tourism companies.
Main project activities: Situation diagnosis (partners will try to find answers to questions: if entrepreneurs and adults, dealing with tourism, have possibility to receive formal or non-formal education by living in village or small town, are they satisfied with education services they got, what are their needs for training and improving themselves, what training course they would like to attend, what knowledge they lack, what difficulties they face by running business in remote areas); International partners meetings and training sessions (during two-days partners meeting the host partner will hold 1-day public training/seminar for wide audience in the field tourism. Participants will be up to 10 tourism entrepreneurs or people interested in starting tourism business and project partners); Preparation of 16 academic hours training course for tourism entrepreneurs.

Article about Qualitative Research results in adult education platform EPALE (in Lithuanian)

Article in EPALE about training "Communication with Clients" for tourism entrepreneurs of Klaipeda (in Lithuanian)


ProgramNordplus Adult Collaboration projectProject Nr.NPAD-2017/10129Duration1st September 2017 - 31st August 2019CoordinatorEducation, Research & Consultancy Center - ERCC (Lithuania)PartnersSME ProIFALL (Sweden); Hotel Salpalinjan Hovi (Finland); Loodi Manor Nature Center (Estonia)Results

1. Situation Diagnosis.

2. E-publication, containing 5 descriptions of content of NEW training course for tourism entrepreneurs (1 by each project partner).