LICSCIL: Leadership Skills Through Informal Learning Processes

The overall aim of the partnership was to improve training routines, learning environments and collaboration potential in regards to leadership development within the European Civil Society.
The partnership incorporated 6 partners from 6 countries, all of which were organisations active in the field of capacity building in the NGO sector. Lead partner was SOCIUS Organisationsberatung gGmbH, a Berlin based non-profit training and consulting agency.
Participants in the mobilities were about 50 adult education trainers and learners from 6 partner-organisations throughout Europe. Indirect beneficiaries of the partnership were the NGOs serviced by the partners and their staff who were involved as learners on a local level. Each partner had a local network of at least 10 - 15 NGOs he serviced through trainings of all different settings resulting in a number of up to 120 NGOs and their staff as indirect beneficiaries. Thus around 500 to 600 people (paid and volunteer staff of NGOs) were indirectly involved in the project.
The partnership activities incorporated:

  • two joint conferences (at project kick off and termination), 
  • five thematic work meetings focusing on the subtopics “interest groups”, “study circle methodology”, “local cooperation and partnership”, “creative leadership and innovation”, “volunteer and paid staff”;
  • bilateral job shadowing visits. During these visits the guest had a chance to meet with the host-staff and with the local network. Two dates were reserved for either visit and / or host one or more interested partners for hospitation. The aim was to gain direct working-experience from project partners in other countries. 

Throughout the partnership learning accounts (personal summaries of the learners’ experience and gained insights in a joint format) were published and discussed via online and offline resources (website, audio- and video conferences, working-papers).


ProgramLifelong Learning Programme/Grundtvig Learning PartnershipProject Nr.LLP-GRU-MP-2009-LT-00113Duration1st August 2009 - 31st July 2011CoordinatorSOCIUS Organisationsberatung gGmbH (Germany)PartnersEducation, Research & Consultancy Center (Lithuania); „Kaospilots“ (Denmark); „Papardes zieds“ (Latvia); Centrum Rozwoju Inicjatyw Społecznych CRIS (Poland); SERUS Ek.För. (Sweden)Results

The collection of enhanced strategies and tools for leadership development as a cornerstone of capacity building within NGOs sector.