Development of Employees' Skills in the Field of Tourism Innovation

One of the main aim of Public Enterprise "Education, Research & Consultancy Center" (ERCC) is to propagate Lithuanian culture and traditions, spread information about social and economic life of our country, history of Lithuania Minor and Lithuania as well as business environment and generally increase knowledge about Lithuania, to contribute to civil society creation in our country. By striving this aim ERCC organizes internships in Klaipėda for NGOs, educational institutions and youth, business meetings for enterprises, provides guided tours in Western Lithuania in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages. Another direction of ERCC work is providing psychological courses, including youth and adults with psychiatric disorders. But ERCC staff feels the lack of skills to advertise properly their provided services of training, guided tours, events, lessons for society. Additionally, ERCC employees need fresh knowledge about new trends and innovations in the field of tourism in Europe, they have to visit and experience best practice examples of sustainable and cultural tourism in other countries. The mentioned skills and knowledge is necessary to improve educational services for Lithuanian society and tourists, collaborate more effectively with business companies, local authorities, higher education institutions, run projects and conduct research.
In order to give for adults qualitative educational courses, it's not enough to equip them only with the newest material, the courses provided have to be attractive from the point of view of teaching methods. Creative teaching methods are usable in the learning of persons with psychiatric disorders, educational programmes for tourists and trainees came to ERCC for work placements.
The aim of project - to provide ERCC staff with fresh knowledge in their occupational field, get acquainted with innovative teaching methods of adults, strive ERCC staff would become creative team, able to work in multicultural environment, effectively communicate and collaborate with stakeholders - academic community, local authorities, business and non-governmental sectors.
The interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches are in the core of ERCC work. Six members of ERCC staff , an experts from different fields - political sciences, psychology, German language philology, pedagogy, management - will participate in project's mobility activities. The staff provides training services, conducts research, manages international projects and organizes placements in our region.
There are foreseen 4 short-term mobilities in the project. ERCC staff will improve its competences in the following institutions:
1. Job-shadowing in Association "EUni Partners" (Bulgaria).
2. Job-shadowing in Association "SubMeet" (Italy).
3. The course "Innovative Tourism" in organization "European Development Agency (EUDA)" (Czech Republic).
4. The course "Artistic and creative methods in the field of adult education" in organization HochVier - Gesellschaft für politische und interkulturelle Bildung e. V. (Germany).
By participating in project the staff will improve the following skills: employees will complement their teaching process with creative methods; be able more attractive to held guided tours and lessons; compose and promote new cultural touristic routes; organize placements and international events; work in multicultural, interdisciplinary team and environment; communicate and collaborate with stakeholders (especial local authorities), participate in debates, communicate effectively and etc.
During the project ERCC staff will gain new knowledge in tourism innovation, cultural tourism and European adult education systems' (particularly Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Bulgaria) fields.
The project will have impact on participants' motivation, creativeness, will foster self-education and professional perfection. The staff will improve their specific professional skills: teaching, researching, how to conduct self-analysis and self-reflection of learners, project management, tourism innovation, team-work and other; key-competences: foreign language, intercultural communication, information analysis and other. Also the project will influence the activities of ERCC: more motivated and with improved skills employees; more intensive communication with stakeholders; society is more aware about ERCC work; increased variety of ERCC services; more ideas for future projects.
The target group of applicant organization will receive more qualitative trainings, guided tours and lessons.

Interview at Blagoevgrad radio during job shadowing in Association "EUni Partners"

Information about job shadowing on Association "EUni Partners" website

Information about the course on HochVier website

Article about project in newspaper "Vakarų ekspresas" (page 4)

Article about project in newsletter of Klaipėda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (page 3)

Information about job shadowing in SubMeet Association in local newspaper


ProgramErasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility of IndividualsProject Nr.2014-1-LT01-KA104-000346Duration1st July 2014 - 30th June 2015CoordinatorEducation, Research & Consultancy Center (Lithuania)PartnersAssociation EUni Partners (Bulgaria); European Development Agency (Czech Republic); Submeet Association (Italy); HochVier (Germany)Results

Improved ERCC staff competences, issued Europass certificates, developed ERCC activities, implemented its strategy.