APPRO: Appropriate Provisions for Students with Behavioural Problems and Psychiatric Disorders

The slogan of the project is: "from education to work". The general aim was to prepare, lead and guide young students with behavioural disorders to appropriate, sustainable and meaningful work. The key concept is TRANSITION. The change process towards maturity can be supported through the development of Inclusive Education and Work School as a concept. This goal was realized based on a common educational vision.
The main goal was to reach a comprehensive educational package suitable for future social participation and integration through employment, vocational education or daytime activities. Creating an appropriate perspective towards meaningful and sustainable work of the target population in the different countries.
Given the composition of the consortium partners there were a potential to investigate the integration of young immigrants and the extent to which they are dependent on Special Education. The research question was: "Is the employment problem culturally/socially, educationally or psychologically determined?".
During the project the results, mentioned below, were achieved:
1. Individual Transition Plan (ITP). To match with the local and regional needs ITP was developed, in consideration of the development perspective of the student. ITP focuses on outflow to further education or paid work.
2. Programs for education and training of teachers, managers and consultants in time at local level and eventually at a regional level knowledge and skills were spread.
3. Assessment Tool to screen the qualities of the students.
4. Methodology of Transition as educational concept.
5. Project website.
6. Project partners meetings, where the participating countries exchange experiences and research findings.
7. Internatonal Final Conference.


ProgramLeonardo da Vinci Transfer of InnovationsProject Nr.2011-1-NL1-LEO05-05212Duration1st November 2011 - 31st October 2013CoordinatorDe Spinaker (The Netherlands)PartnersEducation, Research & Consultancy Center (Lithuania); Bergama Teknik Ve Endustri Meslek Lisesi (Turkey); Bergama Rehberlik Arastirma Merkesi (Turkey); Technologie und Berufsbildungszentrum Leipzig GmbH (Germany); LCEducational (Cyprus); Latvia Culture College (Latvia); V.O.F. Eskwadraat (The Netherlands)Results

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