Application of Qualitative Research in Consumers' Organizations

The main aim of activity of consumers’ protection organizations is to educate consumers, to investigate and solve their problems, to help them to understand their rights as well as rise awareness of consumers. In order to complete their mission consumers’ organizations often come across necessity to carry out qualitative research – to organize round table discussion, objective interview, analysis of material and etc. But many consumers’ organizations even don’t know the essantial things about qualitative research. If they would aware about methodology of such type of investigations, they able to help for consumers more effectively and professionally.
The purpose of project is to enable consumers’ protection organizations with little or no previous experience of research to gain a basic understanding of qualitative research and the potential for this type of research in consumers’ organizations.
The tasks of project:

  • To provide consumers’ organizations with basic understanding of qualitative research.
  • To equip consumers’ organizations with sufficient information to appreciate how qualitative research is undertaken.
  • To enable consumers’ organizations to consider the appropriateness of a qualitative approach to their chosen field of investigation.
  • To carry out 1 local qualitative research in the field of urgent problems of consumers in each partner country.
  • To compose Compendium consisted of carried out local qualitative researches as practical handbook for consumers’ organizations.
  • To create Methodology of Qualitative Research for consumers’ organizations explaining how to conduct qualitative research.
  • To publish “Methodology and Compendium of Qualitative Research for Consumers’ Organizations”, which includes methodical aspects of qualitative research and Compendium of carried out local qualitative research.
  • To produce project’s leaflet.
  • To exchange experience among partners in the field of consumers’ protection, conducting researches and adult education.

Other results and expectations from project:

 Surveys of consumers’ organizations about consumers’ protection systems in their contries, problems and positive sides of system in each country.

 Analysis of consumers’ organizations knowledges in qualitative research fields, its application solving consumers’ problems.

 One-day seminar in Lithuania about qualitative research. Consumers’ organizations have gained basic knowledge about methods of qualitative research and got certificates.

 One-day seminar in each partner country about qualitative research for minimum 12-14 learners from consumers’ organizations, ordinary consumers, teachers, lecturers. This seminar is led by those learners, who participated in one-day seminar in Lithuania.

 Prepared handbook (e-version) for consumers’ organizations about of qualitative research and its application for consumers’ matters – Methodology of Qualitative Research for Consumers’ Organizations.

 Consumers’ organizations implemented qualitative research in their countries.

 Prepared paper version of Compendium and Methodology of Qualitative Research for Consumers’ Organizations. This material also is put into project’s website and CDs.

 Published project’s leaflet.


ProgramLifelong Learning Programme/Grundtvig Learning PartnershipProject Nr.LLP-GRU-MP-2008-LT-00092Duration1st August 2008 - 31st July 2010CoordinatorEducation, Research & Consultancy Center (Lithuania)PartnersResearch & Consultancy Institute Ltd. (Cyprus); Tartu Tarbijanoustamis - ja Infokeskus (Estonia); Generation Europe, o.s. (Czech Republic); Zemgale NGO Support Centre (Latvia).Results

Compendium and Methodology of Qualitative Research for Consumers'Organizations.