The 3rd "care4mobility" partners meeting in Klaipėda (Lithuania)

One of the project’s objective is to provide for the recognition of learning outcomes acquired during VET learner mobilities in the field of health and social care by developing reliable processes which are to be implemented according to defined quality criteria. For this purpose care4mobility project seeks to provide transparent descriptions of Units of Learning Outcomes (ULO) according to ECVET principles alongside with instruments and methods for delivery, assessment and recognition thereof.

During project meeting in Klaipeda partnership mainly worked on developing of ULO. In Feedback Session about initial drafts of ULO partners identified best practices. For example, which partner described in the most appropriate way the introduction of ULO, who presented key-word style curriculum the best and etc.

After partnership discussion the following instruments have been identified as applicable for health and social care VET mobilities, especially as our ULO include a lot of social and personal competences: case study, discussion, practical task, simulation.

Of course, not all issues are clear after Feedback Session and discussions. Some open questions still left: how to assess competences? (e.g. time management); how many learning outcomes for 2 or 3 weeks?

The last part of the meeting was dedicated for developing of intellectual output number 2 – Quality Guidline for Mobility Projects in Health and Social Care Professions. 3 working groups have been formed to create the three chapters of Guidline:
1 group - Before mobility.
2 group – During mobility.
3 group – After mobility.
During group work the groups discussed the following questions:
• What has to be done in each phase?
• What is to be respected in particular about health care professions in mobility?
• Which tools and instruments can you put in place to assure high quality of the mobilities?

At the very end of meeting partners talked about next steps of the project and deadlines.