InnoGastro partners meeting in Klaipeda

The aim of meeting was to prepare properly for the course of molecular cuisine in Valencia in spring 2018. The title of training is "Avant-garde culinary creations - gastronomy, products and technologies". The educational activity will take place in the form of blended learning, i.e. online and practical. Participants of the training course will be 12 teachers of vocational schools in Poland and 6 entrepreneurs working in the field of categring (owners of cafe, restaurants and culinary studio).

During the meeting partners deeply discussed:

  • the content of online learning and practical training
  • the issue of the training language
  • uniform (jacket, cup and apron)
  • practical questions (accommodation, food, transportation)
  • free time and cultural activities
  • travel issues

CSHM made presentations about region, Valencia city, demonstrated some videos from various culinary events of CSHM with participation of Lithuanians. Also the photos of training place, accommodation and city in general were showed.

It was decided that training course about experimental cuisine in Valencia will take place on 21-26 March 2018.