Final IN GREEN SHAPE project meeting in Abano Terme, Italy

The final meeting was mainly dedicated for presentation of final product of partnership - In Green Shape Brochure. It consists of 5 green itineraries, which reflect the cultures and diversity of countries involved. They are very different as some concentrate on a very small area, within a village, others on a much wider area. Each country choose their own itinerary to fit in with their local needs. All itineraries were prepared with the help of project learners and professional guides. Composition of green routes was the part of informal learning of adults - how to establish and run small green (ecological) or with healthy life and food related businesses in remote area. Learners of project in different countries had different local and international workshops: legal aspects of small business, herbal tourism in ecological farm, how to prepare healthy food with vegan ingridients, a mini conference for people with mental ilness from rural areas about home based small bussiness and other.

At the first stage of the project adult learners collected best practice examples - successfull green business running in rural areas of partnership countries. The Hanbook of Best Practice examples as well as In Green Shape Brochure are uploaded in project website -

By collecting examples of sustainable green businesses learners gained practical knowledge about establishment and running of small companies in rural areas, because they went to the owners and made interview with them about their business. Handbook of Best Practice examples can be used by other learners from other institutions for studying business and management as well as by teachers of similar subjects.

In Green Shape Brochure will spread by partnership organisations in tourism information centers and visitors centers. Partners are going to translate the brochure with itineraries into their national languages.

During last meeting of project partners presented their activities at local level, discussed evaluation of project, dissemination activities, preparation of final report and possibilities of further cooperation in other EU projects. Also they had hiking tour "Arqua Petrarca", which is green itinerary created by Italian learners. 

In Green Shape project was perfect possibility for ERCC to promote sustainable and rural business ideas among unemployed people and people living in remote areas of Western Lithuania. Through best practice collection locals were involved into international events. Creation of green itineraries inspired them to keep ecological and sustainable direction of their businesses. Various learning activities in the frame of project pushed socially and geographically isolated people to be more active in labour market.

Thanks to IN GREEN SHAPE project ERCC:

  • Enhanced the cooperation with local community;
  • Improved their knowledge about history and culture of Western Lithuania;
  • Complemented the package of guided tours with new routes;
  • Improved learning materials with best practice examples of sustainable and green business;
  • Increased internationalisation of organisation.