Course of the Trainer for Adults

The content of training was the following:

Organization of working time
1. Introduction.
2. Psychology for deeper self-understanding
3. Participants' expectations. Presentation of agenda.
4. Time management in practise.
5. 7 steps for better time planning. The kit or practical strategy.
6. Discussion.

Stress Management and risk
1. What is Stress? Psichoteraphy metods for better understanding own reactions.
2. Stress scale. Tests.
3. Types of stress.
4. Signs of Stress.
5. How to Manage Stress
6. Art therapy for stress management. Practical experience.

Self coaching. Team coaching
1. The most important factors in your life. Possible interferences.
2. The individual “voice” - autobiographical method.
3. Self-coaching through understanding your personality type:
3.1. Effective way to learn the world around you: types of perception – VARK modalities.
3.2. How introversion and extraversion, combined with the degree of emotional stability and self-determinism, determine persons‘ temperament.
4. Practical exercises and group discussion.

Relaxation Techniques
1. Autogenic Training;
2. Deep Breathing or Breathing Exercises;
3. Progressive muscle relaxation;
4. Meditation;
5. Guided imagery.

Full programme of the course you can find here.